Protest Memorialisation: Should we Protect ‘The Heygate Arch’?

After our involvement in the Public Archaeology 2015 Project (Narratives and Counter-Narratives – A Line Through Contemporary London), Oli Mould (Royal Holloway) and I got talking about the protest potential of protecting one of the remaining fragments of the Heygate estate, an amputated concrete footbridge, and turning it into a memorial to create, of sorts, London’s newest monumental arch. We have outlined these ideas more over on the Open Democracy UK site by asking the question:

Can Memorialisation be a Form of Urban Protest?

Heygate’s Memorial Arch: Photos by Olly Mould

If you have connections to the former Heygate, think this is a good idea and are interested in helping to make it a reality please get in touch with either Oli or I.

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